Frequently Asked questions


Let us clear a few. Anything more, just get in touch and we shall address them as soon as possible.


We understand that its fun to do everything by yourself sometimes. But think about it. Wouldn’t it be more fun to sit back and enjoy someone else taking care of everything and you having to just go and experience it? Someone who you can trust completely to place their decades of experience in the field of hospitality at your footstep. Someone who is dedicated to research and presenting it lucidly.

Q? Are you expensive?

Curated tours: This completely depends on the ingredients that you choose to make this a tasty dish. We strongly feel that one would not cut corners on the quality so as to ensure the best flavor and taste. Your cost depends on what you are looking for and when you are looking for it. As much as we can and will be happy to alter most things that may bring about variations in the cost, we do not believe in being the “most economical or cheapest” which call out to masses. We believe in making this exclusive and special and worth your spending.

Fixed Departures: Our focus is on keeping this as luxurious as possible. We believe that these tours must be comfortable and ensure the best possible in terms of arrangements. Value for money is truly a matter of perception.

Q? Do you do fixed departures?

Yes, we do. Although its restricted to only a few a year. Please go to

Q? Do you do group tours?

Yes. If you have a group you would like us to customize the tour for, we would be more than happy to.

Q? Why "Heritage?"

“Heritage” symbolizes our commitment to distancing ourselves from the oft cliched religious trips. In India, one gets mixed up between heritage and religion and somewhere the appreciation for the key elements are lost. Therefore we concentrate on a wholesome experience which is monuments that are both religious and not, palaces, museums, food, crafts, art, music etc. Having a list of dates and dynasties thrown at us is not fun. It’s more about discovering all this for the first time for yourself. And if you’ve already been to those places, it should be about rediscovering it.

Q? Why such a off beat collection of destinations?

As Keats says "Heard music is sweet but those unheard are sweeter". The well advertised and and ofter visited sites are great. But those tucked away in the shadows are greater.

Q? Why only select destinations?

We like to be the best at what we do. And we see dilution as the fastest train to mediocrity.

Rather than adding countries and destinations, we would rather search out new experiences and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities in our current destinations. We make it our point to know our homeland better than anyone else, and every year we strive to be better than the year before.

Q? What is your "typical" client profile?

There is no "typical" client. We have had a wide range of portfolios and profiles: Indians, Americans, British, South Africans, couples, families, and group of friends, doctors, architects, painters, musicians, stockbrokers and the list goes on.

Our Fixed departures attract a lot of multi-generational clientele and many of our clients are focused on luxury and others not as much.

Q? Why have I never heard of you?

We prefer that our trips be our mouthpiece. We spend our resources and time putting together magical trips. We like to think that a trip done right is our best marketing tool. Our growth has been predominantly through word-of-mouth and has reached places that we have never imagined. Our clientele from cities far and near shows the power of 100% commitment to what we do.

Q? Are children welcome?

Of course. They are the generation next. The ones that need to know more about these monuments that we are showcasing. And hopefully one day they will join us once they are older in order to gain a different perspective of the same destinations.

Q? What if I have a health or physical limitation; can I still travel with you?

Talk to us. We shall see what best to do to make it work. Else, we are absolutely honest in letting you know what is possible and what is not

Q? What about cost breakdowns?

Good food becomes outstanding when paired with the right ambiance. It is incorrect to dissect the food and the ambiance into individual cost elements. It will only strip the joy of eating it. We look at our tours in the same manner. We are offering an experiance. It would not be right to put a price on it. Therefore we offer a wholistic fare the worth of which will be known at the end of each tour. Our repeated clientele has been our testimonial to what we do and how we have priced it.