About Us

About Embassy Travel and Tours

Embassy Travel and Tours has been in the business of tailoring unique and memorable travel experiences for the past four decades.

A part of the Airlift Group of Companies, we adhere in a personalized manner to all travel related services that one might require be it guidance, documentation, reservations, currency exchange etc.

Customization and luxury travel is our forte, which ensures the utmost comfort for our clients whether it is outbound, inbound or domestic travel.

Heritage is the vertical we take pride in adding to our existing array of experiences extended by us. We are proud to showcase some of the neglected treasures of a bygone rich era that are just around the corner. We assure you that the whole experience will be an absolute luxurious insight into our glorious past.

Mystical Palmyra - The heritage, photography and special interest vertical of Embassy Travel & Tours

Heritage is the niche initiative to step backward and realise the glory this country has to offer. Many a undiscovered gem is unraveled through our meticulous research and exclusive curation by celebrated professionals. This concept travels beyond a mere introduction to a historic perspective towards a wholistic socio-economic and cultural impact of times begone and how it influenced the architectural marvels. we ensure a taste of the regional culinary specialities to enhance the flavour of the tours. Emphasis is laid on preserving the fast disappearing arts and crafts of the native artisans.